Schooling through Spain…..

This week has had a new feel and we are flying through the Renaissance and Reformation in Spain. We have looked at great cities, we watched a special on the HUGE cathedral, the Sagrada Familia, it is sooooo beautiful and amazing WoW, We have studied the festivals and the culture and of course the food! This weekend were planning on paella of course, some tapas and my husband makes the most amazing flan! It’s flan but made also with cream cheese….oh my gosh, heaven!

We end our studies this week with Portugal and so we’re planning on Portugese Stone Soup for Friday! We love to cook and we love foods from all over the world. We took a hymn yesterday and we each took a line in the hymn and created art to it and then I’m going to create something exciting and vintage and soulful to hang it up…I’m so excited and will let you know how it turns out. We are loving the hymns and am so thankful the girls are appreciating them from a fresh perspective, Chris Tomlinson has done a great job, David Crowder awesome, Chris Rice…..we are just eating them up!

Next week we’re off off to the Netherlands and my friend Molly has some exciting things planned as her family is Dutch, I think some new words for us and some yummy food is planned!





Thanks for all the prayers for Jubilee and squeeze your little ones a little tighter and kiss your husband a little longer! Hope you have a great day and we’re headed outside, maybe dig in some dirt, Spring is in the air!


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