Preparing our Hearts for Easter

I grew up in the Anglican/Episcopal church and then later gave my heart and life to Jesus in college. I grew up with Lent being something we did, didn’t know really what it was just we gave up something we liked for 40 days before Easter.
Over the past few years, we have taken this time more personally and I think this year, we’re going to dive in even deeper.

I just wanted to share with you some awesome books we have used and are going to use for the next couple months to prepare our hearts for Easter. He who dwells in us is the light of the world and I want us to celebrate and grasp with full understanding that we are His children, bright lights, bearing fruit in all our actions, words and to each other.

We haven’t read this one yet but we are so excited to start. We have read others in the same series but for Advent. They are engaging, we read them at night and it’s a very precious family time.

These books are fantastic, the Celebrating our Messiah in the Feasts is a curriculum but with rich and awesome information and full of hands on goodness. The other book, The Feasts of The Lord is a book that goes through the feasts but is great for historical background, traditions to reveal The Messiah through God’s word. It is full of great pictures.

I just want to encourage you to do something more personal this Lent. Reflect what this 40 day season is truly about, Jesus’s sacrifice and love for us. Some ideas to bring it closer to your heart:
-give up something for Jesus
-add something healthy to you spiritually- Bible reading, verse memory, Bible journaling, daily prayer time
-pray for people in a different country, maybe the Bible isn’t even written in their language
-stop to pray for one hour once a week throughout Lent
-write a letter of thankfulness to Jesus
-keep a jar of jellybean goodness, every kind act someone recognizes in a family member, a jelly bean goes in a jar and then enjoy at the end of Lent.
-pick a neighbor or friend and sacrifice your time or money to do an act of kindness for them…cookies are always nice
-clean out your closets for the poor or homeless, we still have some cold days ahead, maybe you have an extra coat!
-get outside, take a walk and look for signs of new life!

I pray for each one of your families that this time leading up to Easter is a fun meaningful and peaceful time. I pray that at Easter, we can look back and know that we were a light and brought our hearts to Jesus dwelling on things that are true, honorable, right, pure, good, lovely, excellent and praiseworthy.

Lent begins March 5 and Easter is April 20, 2014.
I would loooove to hear what you do for Lent, please pass on fun activities, fun projects to get our hands dirty, let’s encourage each other to be our brightest for Jesus the next 40 days!!!!


2 thoughts on “Preparing our Hearts for Easter

  1. Love your book suggestions! I haven’t heard of any of them! Excited to check them out! I am hoping to get a Lent post up soon with some things we did last year. I just bought white carnations and put them in a vase. My kids can’t see the water because the vase is not clear. The water is tinted with red food coloring. To “kick off” Lent, we are going to talk about how Jesus is perfect and sinless and takes our sins upon Himself. When the flowers begin to turn red, they will see what I mean! šŸ™‚

    • Ohhh thanks, the carnations are a great idea. I just love projects that we can do and see that really hit the idea home! I just love your ideas. I really am going to dig this weekend for lots more ideas! We’re so excited about the Amon’s Adventure book, your kids would looooove it!

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