Joy In All Things

Good Morning
I thought I would fill you in on what’s been happening on our little piece of the prairie here in freeeeezing Colorado.
We had 65 degrees yesterday and it was such a hopeful feeling of Spring, yes I did get out sandals and wear them. The sun was so nice and we sat outside soaking it all up….then 2 hours later a storm came in from nowhere and the temperature started to drop 37 and minutes later, 25 and then 18 and the wind was crazy cold and it was winter again. This is super common in Colorado crazy weather changes and you learn to roll with it. This has truly been our life lately…learning to roll with a bunch of stuff we don’t want to do.
I’ve been awake for a while this morning thinking of our past few months and actually my blog and what I’m doing with it, what I wanted it to be like and just reflecting and The Lord has really shown me a lot through the whole process. I have shared a lot, I have met some great people, I am not a technical person at all so when I change up the look of the blog it’s a big deal, I wish I had a MAC computer instead of an iPad to do it all on….
I have put myself out there to bring encouragement to others to show, see you too can be a mess, you don’t always have to homeschool by 9am, cook the best meals, be happy happy all the time, keep an immaculate home, get your way, know your way and be perfect at doing God’s will 24/7(shoot, I’m trying to figure out God’s will for my life every second of the day) My brokenness hopefully is encouragement for someone else to grab the hand of Jesus. The world always throws us the garbage of being “successful” having the right job, having the right body, do you drive a certain car, are your children learning the right things and at a certain level, and are the things in this life and people bringing you happiness and joy and contentment?
We’ve had a very stressful past few months, going on 6 months actually where The Lord has been shaking our life up, refining at the soul level and it hasn’t been fun. It’s been down right difficult and honestly ugly at times. I now know I can really be a big hot mess and it is not pretty, positive, sparkly, and it isn’t faithful either. This is what Jesus has been showing us….it’s not this world that is going to bring you joy and happiness, it’s not a different job necessarily, people are difficult in every job, it’s not a different state, I’m sure Montana and Tennessee have issues too. It’s not a different house, there isn’t a perfect one. He’s been faithful to show us it’s Him we must have complete surrender to( we are slow learners) He is currently having us WAIT. We don’t know exactly what we’re waiting for, maybe a career change, a new house, same job, different attitude, same house, different life direction.
I’m totally not saying we can’t move or change jobs or try for a new home but it’s been where our hearts have been, you know the ole saying, “the grass is always greener on the other side”
It really comes to the fact that our lives are His, God has created us for His purpose and glory and to bring others alongside side us to love, support and encourage in this crazy time here on earth. It’s been a year I’ve been blogging and I have had fun sharing and thanks a bunch for your encouragement and I just want to encourage you to put all the worlds must do’s and be’s aside and look to The Lord to the one who created you, for your worth, encouragement, strength and joy.
Philippians 2:14-15 says, “Do all things without complaining and disputing, that you may become blameless and harmless, children of God without fault in the midst of a crooked generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world”
It hasn’t been a perfect year and I surely haven’t been perfect, I have complained a lot but I do hope I have been different in a lot of my actions and words that I have been a light to someone or shone light on a situation for Jesus.

In the middle of all this shaking up our souls, life has still gone on full speed:

We’ve sewn 4 quilts and one more in the works!

We’ve been reading lots of books by Corrie Ten Boom and Wow! What a faithful Woman of God, it’s been so encouraging and nurturing to read about her life and all she was for The Lord. If you have never read her most famous book, “The Hiding Place” it is a must read, great book for the soul.

My oldest daughter has taken off with sewing and she is now sewing colonial dresses for her little sister, she loves taking a pattern, figuring it all out and diving in.

Doing a little redecorating and deep cleaning to hopefully get our house back on the market in a few weeks, that’s our plan, let’s see if it’s God’s plan!!!!!

A new look in the art room, hopefully we can get some new projects going to get us into Spring!


2 thoughts on “Joy In All Things

  1. I love your posts Jodi! You ARE an encouragement to me and a light for Jesus! I’m praying for you and your sweet family!! Love, Nancy

  2. Oh, I love this. You are so real, and that is such an encouragement. I do feel like we moms today have so much more pressure than our moms did, ya know? Just like what you are saying… pressure to cook healthy meals, pressure to have a cute and clean house, pressure to lead a Bible study, pressure to school our kids a certain way or have them act a certain way, pressure to be thin, pressure to produce pinterest lives. So much guilt and pressure and that is NOT where joy is!!! I love your posts always! You really do encourage us! I do pray for you, my friend. 🙂

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