Creative stamp tutorial!

Hello everyone,
Happy Monday!
Hope you had a rejuvenating weekend and did something fun. I want to share with you an exciting adventure we have seen on several other websites and thought we would give it a try. There are several Youtube videos as well….It’s creating your own stamps using simple tools and erasers or carving blocks.
Here are the supplies:
Tracing paper
Speedball light duty carving tool-found at Hobby Lobby(used coupon) it comes with several size tips that fit inside the handle for storage.
Erasers-found at Target
Ink pad and paints or pencils for color

We then created a design on the tracing paper after we traced the eraser for size……

Then you rub on your design onto the eraser….


After you rubon the image you are now ready to carve…we started with the small tip and carved along the lines, it’s best to turn the eraser or carving block instead of the tool you get smooth lines that way. Then you decide what you want to carve out so you can add color later if you want….


After I carved out all my lines, I then used the larger tip and carved around the outside. The tips cut through the eraser so easily and smoothly, my 9 year old had no problems and looooved it. After you carve out the outside edges, you can detail and then it’s time to check out your design with ink…


After you have stamped, you can see where you might need to carve more and clean up edges, it is so much fun and both the girls are busy creating and pleased that they can have their own designs and be apart of the creating process. We did buy the speedball carving blocks which are pink and then we found a MasterCarve block as well but the erasers from Target are cheaper and thought we would start there. The other blocks are bigger and we do have great plans for those as well:)
We are just so excited and thought we would share our new adventure and see if we can get anyone else hooked. We now just want to go around stamping everything in sight!
Off to dive into the Netherlands, a trip to the library and some creating hopefully this afternoon.
Have a great week everyone and let me know what you are creating!


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