My favorite things


I’m going to keep a running favorite things but right now I’m loving:
My family-great ages for everything, conversations, inspiration, love, fun, art, games, cuddling on the couch, homeschooling, cooking, baking, they are my memory, my feedback, my mirror-yikes sometimes!
I love warm breezes, the desert smell after it rains, the pine trees blowing in the rain, birds first thing in the morning,
Mexican food-shredded beef tacos, we love food of all kinds that’s why this dairy free gluten free, fructose free life sometimes almost kills us,
I love the beach, love the air, the sand, I love warm water,
I love the mountains, the high alpine lakes are my happy place a lot, love being above tree line and the mountains are huge and rugged and beautiful, I loooove kayaking, we love adventuring out in our 4 seat razor

My favorite color is pink all shades,
I love skirts and cowgirl boots, I love vintage anything.. I’m working on finding the perfect round farm table if anyone has one they don’t want, let me know…
I’m obsessed with coffee cups and plates,
I love Anthropologie and Sundance a mix of the two is perfect…
I love Beth Moore-she is hilarious and so beautiful
I love Precept Bible Study-not like Beth Moore style but soo deep and soulful
I love music-Christian of all kinds, relearning some of the hymns ohhhh love and we listen to some Country and I love piano and guitar
I love The Amazing Race-I’ve tried out 4 times but no call:( its the only hour of television I watch and the whole world stops love it……
I love Jesus-he brought me to Him in college and is working everyday to heal childhood brokenness, to heal teenage and adult brokenness, He walks alongside me through my strengths and more in my weaknesses, he definately brings beauty from ashes and I just keep growing, changing -steps forward some steps back but always with my eyes on Him….


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