Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.-Matt.11:28


What do you do when it’s cold and snowy and it’s February in Colorado? Yes, some people do go skiing, yes bundle up, sit by the fire drink hot cocoa….but we don’t ski and we’ve been bundled up long enough so, we booked tickets to sunny California and jetted ourselves over to warm up. We stayed 10 days with my sister and had a great time. If you get out to the San Diego area, we highly recommend a visit to the Midway Navy Aircraft carrier, we loved it even my youngest daughter thought it was super great. You get to see all the inside places and we got to visit the war room where they made important decisions during Desert Storm. It truly is a great piece of history.
We visited the San Diego Zoo and got to see baby koalas, a rare treat we were told. The weather was soooo nice…so many hours on the beach- barbecues, boogie boarding, relaxing, eating seafood and enjoying family. My parents and grandpa came over at the end of the week so that was a treat to get to see them too.

We were getting cabin fever pretty bad, our schooling was lacking enthusiasm and we were just filling in the blanks. It’s Spring, I think this happens to a lot of us. We want to be outside, feel the sunshine, walk barefoot and see green again. We haven’t always been able to fly to CA for a break, but I encourage you to take a break. Maybe have a week of field trips or maybe a theme week like sports, outdoors, art something your family loves but you might not always have time for. Sometimes we just need a break in our routine, giving our minds freedom to focus on something else and then when you come back, you’re ready to dive in with new perspective.

Thank you Lord for our break, thank you for the love of family and the warmth of your sunshine, thank you for sand, your creative animals, the food you’ve created for us to eat especially clams:) and thank you for this time in our lives that you are molding us for your purpose, you are showing us what true working faith is all about.


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