Truly…thank God it’s Friday

Happy Friday!
This week has been a rollercoaster of emotions. It’s also been somewhat gloomy out which doesn’t help. Here in Colorado we’re spoiled by lots of sunshine and when we don’t have it, we grumble!
On Wednesday, I received an email from a family friend about a family that needed prayer.

Well,…..I opened the email and saw the most precious beautiful little girl’s picture and started reading which quickly turned into weeping. This precious family just found out one week ago today that their 4 year old daughter has a rare fast growing brain tumor woven in her brain stem. It is cancer, it is inoperable and it just seems so heartbreaking. You can find her story here sweet Jubilee. Sooooo I spent most of the day crying just totally heartbroken for her parents…heartbroken that their life would never be the same. What would that be like knowing you are going to grip every second you have with your child, of course you are going to do your days differently and your choices and moments. WOW!

As a family that night we prayed, we talked about God’s sovereignty, His power, His healing, the fact that ultimately if God chooses not to heal Jubilee, He will be waiting in Heaven with big open arms.

Our church is talking about living radically for Jesus and last week our pastor talked about worship and all the aspects of it-singing, dancing, praising, learning coming to God with an open heart. Our pastor was in Revelation 4 and 5 and talking about worshipping being God centered and radically responsive-

What would it be like to have a peek inside the throne room in Heaven? Hundreds and hundreds of angels majestic and beautiful praising God. What would that look like, feel like…I know I would be soooo excited and ready to take on life way more radically for Him.

So, Wednesday was pretty tough and Thurs. was pretty quiet but with a different purpose. We ran to town for some new art supplies and then watched some videos on Scotland because we’re in the Reformation period and Scotland was important in that. Then we had a purposeful moment in the afternoon…we got out the good china and had a tea party talking about the week and how the queen might sip her tea or what life was like for the first Scottish clans and did they really wear kilts and then of course do they really not wear under garments under their kilts?LOL my husband and I lived in Scotland for our first 3 years of our marriage and we truly know the answer to that one!

With all this said, love your husband a little better, hold your children a little longer, stop to do life slower and with more purpose, maybe bake some gooey cookies or yummy dessert and please pray for Jubilee Grace and her family, wouldn’t it be awesome to get tons of people radically praying for a precious child of God?!




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