Spring in Colorado

It’s mid April and the beginning of crazy weather, it’s 70 one day and we all have Spring Fever-people out wearing tank tops and flip flops and the next day, we’re bracing for a foot of snow.
We didn’t get a foot and it’s melting fast but 6 inches, enough to bring out the Spring flowers and give us hope of green grass on the prairie and hope for an awesome summer garden.

We’ve been schooling through Modern History and the people and events that our great nation were founded on. I love homeschooling because I get to learn so much I forgot about or maybe I didn’t learn and as an adult I appreciate so much more. We are pretty relaxed with our homeschooling and we leave plenty of room and time for things that the girls are passionate about and things that God will put into our days. Our oldest has been really interested in the Holocaust and World War II time period….stories of the Jewish people and we’ve been reading a lot of Corrie Ten Boom, currently she’s reading The Book Thief. Our youngest is reading through books of Rachel Yoder and Growing Up in Lancaster County.
More importantly than our books we’re going through, we’ve had a birthday in the mix, we’ve been doing a lot of praying for family and friends.

We’ve added a new member to our family…this little guy; Levi, has added a lot of fun and joy to our days.

We’ve been going through our days moment by moment waiting, trusting and looking at what we do, what we look at, listen to, words we speak and thoughts we think and really focus this on is it building us and others to God’s purpose. We can get so caught up in what the world is doing but what about what God wants us to be doing, God’s will for us and tuning our children to that instead of what a neighbor child is doing or what a movie is enticing our children towards. Maybe it’s simple human nature that is pulling us to the world and not to God. I can get so caught up in books, curriculum and what we should be “teaching”, I forget the heart training and the relationship side, maybe not forget but realizing I could be more purposeful in that area.

We love you sweet girl and we celebrate you and thank God for allowing us to be your mommy and daddy and to be able to teach you, guide you and to bring you up as a Godly Woman of God.


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