Colorado Winter

The snow is starting to fall, the fire is going and we’re playing Battleship for math. (That counts, right?)
We started out our day sending in a snack stadium with my husband to work! Pinterest has some great ones….

Then we sent off some “Mile High Love” to our Bronco loving family in AZ….

We are quite excited for the big game, mantle decorated, food planned, and waiting for the fun to begin.

Last weekend we went to the traveling exhibit of Passages. If it comes to a city near you, you must go. It is a collection of artifacts which chronicle the evolution of the Bible’s format. We saw cuneiform tablets, Dead Sea scrolls, William Tyndale Bibles, 1st edition of King James Bible, the Lunar Bible, Torahs that survived the Holocaust. It was truly fascinating and they even had a children’s area and scavenger hunt. It’s leaving CO next week and headed for Springfield Missouri.
It was just so fascinating to actually see the Bibles and the artifacts that we read about and study about in school, it made it all so real and we came away appreciating our history and realizing how easy it is to take our religious freedom for granted.

Archivers is going out of business so we did some clearance shopping

We added more canvases to our Etsy shop and we lowered some prices, we really would love for these canvases to be in a fun spot, they make great gifts and they are all handmade and unique…hey this year give homemade, it’s extra special and truly made with lots of love.


Blessings to you all, Goodbye January and GOOOOOO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!


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