Wait and have Joy

For the past couple years I’ve tried to pray about something in my life that God would have me work on. Then I sum it up with one word and then in the new year purposefully and prayerfully work on that in my life. Lots of people have their word and off into the new year we go, well……The Lord has given me TWO. I told you we’re working on radical transformation. 2 words, Lord, I mean really….I have a lot going on and you know I can get to be a hot mess at times!

My words are WAIT which I really received late in 2013 and tried to ignore it but over the past month I also really felt God nudging me to JOY. You see, I tend to be a worry type and I tend to be more control and planner type and I lose the Joy. I lose the contentment in life and the being still, waiting for The Lord.

Wow! I look at wait and that’s just not our nature, we want things quickly, our way with full control, we want what we think is the best for us and our plan to work out to the max. I really have struggled with this and in my devotion time this morning from Jesus Calling by Sarah Young, she put it so clearly….”one of the main ways I (God) assert My sovereignty is in the timing of events” oh my heck, that is sooooo huge and it just put me in my place but really put God as my Father-guiding, protecting and loving. I just loved it and had to share. Psalm 105:4 sums it up- Look to The Lord and his strength; seek his face always.

So Joy, this is big for me and want to desperately get this deep in my soul. I know it’s not joy as in jumping up and down happy all the time but also being content, satisfied, filled with Jesus, slowing down to enjoy my journey in the Lord’s presence.
Deep dependence on God, trusting in the dark, confident peace in Him, lightness in my step all with a loving teachable spirit that is my wish for 2014! Waiting on the Lord’s perfect plan for me with joy in all circumstances. (Gulp) holding on tight to Jesus’ hand.

As a homeschool mom of two daughters, these are my prayers as the new year starts and I’m constantly working these into the girls hearts and souls with devotions, early morning talks, lessons on waiting and joy are always in the planning of curriculum:) as my girls have gotten older we’ve transitioned into older girl things like heart issues and talking with them about waiting on The Lord and yes, be joyful when you don’t get your way because God’s way is always more profitable. I love where we are with our children, even though it has been so hard these past few months. It does help to have an older fabulous Christian friend who will meet you for coffee and help you sort out all your mess!

As a fun kick off to 2014, I would love to hear from you guys what words you will be working on and I would love to create a canvas for one lucky follower. Thanks so much for reading and send in your word!



One thought on “Wait and have Joy

  1. Jodi –
    Well during our last church service for 2013 as I was trying to focus on the Sermon, the LORD gave me my word for the year. It is PREPARE. I have no idea what I am to prepare for however there are many things in my life that I need to get up to speed.

    So I will be focused right now on my quiet time with the LORD each day, consistency in my Bible Study time and making sure that we are eating for optimal health for our family. I have also found myself purging closets and getting rid of things.

    I do not know what the LORD has planned however I want to be ready and willing to follow Him where ever He leads.

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