Giving Jesus


My Bible study group met on Tuesday for a coffee, tea fellowship time and it was so nice. I’ve been away on my missionary field…family:) and it was nice to get back in touch with my support ladies here in Colorado. God gave us His son so that we would have a clear and perfect example of love. Christ wasn’t here too long but the time here was mighty and powerful and giving. He gave time, talents, love, words of wisdom, and ultimately His life.

It’s easy to lose sight of giving especially when we have the world going against us with red nose reindeer and singing snowmen:) We have done away with Christmas lists and giving just to give, we are really trying to focus in on purpose and showing the girls it’s not just getting your long lists of wants. I have to admit our 10 year old is the fun one in the bunch and we have to do a lot of reining in and I’ve fought hard against the Easy Bake Oven….there might be a large box under the tree!
We truly are showing our girls to get out of themselves, to think more like Jesus and to give their time, talents, love, compassion and know that ultimately were here to give ourselves to the Glory of God. We have been listening loud and a lot to Toby Mac’s “Christmas This Year” oh my gosh love this song….we pray our giving is loud for Jesus. Ultimately love came down to let us live!

This all brings me to how much my Bible Study friends have given me, they all gave on Tues. one brought honey from their family hive, one gave chocolate with a cute magnet pad of paper to get us organized for the new year, I was blessed with a bar of scrumptious homemade soap, another friend made a friendship wall hanging to remind us of our friendship and our leader made personalized scripture cards so when we read them it’s like The Lord is speaking especially to ME and a Rose Publishing booklet titled “Who I am in Christ”. I am so thankful to have a handful of friends walking alongside me in life who GIVE me an example of Christ. I have not always had this and I’m so thankful God is blessing me with sweet souls and I hope you have people around you who give to you and love you and show you some Jesus.

Have a Very Blessed Christmas, be quiet with The Lord, cuddle with your children, hold tight your spouse and love like crazy-all for Him.

Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful. Col. 3:15



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