It’s easy to love snowflakes.

It has been a while since I’ve blogged! I’ve sat down several times to write and I just haven’t been able to put my thoughts out onto my blog and the feelings to match.
The Lord has been refining and molding and shaping not only me but my family too. We’ve been going through a series at church called “Radical Transformation”- really living big for Jesus. Well, I’ve jumped in with my whole self and He is transforming or should I say radically working on A LOT of me. Most of this stuff I really wasn’t prepared for like waiting, trusting, faithfulness, joyfulness, thankfulness! Of course I work on these a lot but usually not ALL of these in every situation. The Lord is telling me to trust Him and to be content and to love because He is my potter, He is my author, He knows every hair on my head, even the sparkly ones!
Oh man love waiting? Love difficult people? Love a very restrictive diet? Love your husband’s job? Love where I live? Love the people who mock you for loving you, Lord?
You see my plate has been full for quite some time now and God has been rearranging my life, priorities, my thoughts, even my heart and soul!
I have still had to get up each morning and be a wife, a mom, a daughter, sister, homeschool teacher, and all the others…. But one homeschool friend said to me, Jodi, God has called us to be Christians first! Wow! I have been so caught up with all the other stuff, I forgot. Yes of course I’m here to serve you Lord. Sometimes the obvious is so hard to see.
We’ve been in AZ the past couple weeks, my Dad broke his leg and we are here being Christians first! I think making snow flakes to spread some Christmas cheer mixed in with a little math and a quick revolutionary war reading while we help Great Grandad with his breathing treatment is what Jesus had in mind when He said LOVE because I first loved you.
My word for this past year was PURPOSE. In many areas I think I did quite well and God is ultra refining a lot of my purpose as I write! I will be praying for my next word, have you been thinking about something God is tugging at your heart with?
We did find a fabulous Advent garland project kit by You should check it out, it’s great!


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