Thank You Veterans

Thank you for your time, your sacrifices, your bravery, your honor, your obedience, your love for our country, your time away from families, your travels, your injuries and even the ultimate sacrifice, your death.


We will always remember your faith and carry that and in the future, pass it on to generations to come. Lord, please give us a revival, turn hearts back to you and please bless our great nation- The United States of America!

Thank you Grandad for your service as a Sea Bee in the Navy in WWII.


Thank you Papa Pete for serving in the Army.


For our special project today we talked about Veteran’s Day history, the Poppy and it’s meaning and we needlefelted poppies to wear………love poppies:)

Have a great Monday and please remember those who have gone before us and pray for all the military out there protecting our great freedoms we love in this country.

Thank you Daddy for serving 10 years in the Army!



2 thoughts on “Thank You Veterans

  1. Happy Happy Veteran’s Day!!!! Hope it was fabulous!!!! Thank you for serving for our country 🙂

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