19 years ago…..

19 years ago, we made a promise to each other….to love, honor and cherish! Wow! Those are very full words.To love is plenty and to honor and after all that to cherish! We met in Scotland and lived there for 3 years, lived in Maryland, Colorado, Arizona and now have been in Colorado for 10 years.

We are sooo similar in most areas of life and very different in others yet The Lord has given us each other to complement and balance, to challenge and hold accountable and to bless. We have had many adventures, travelled some and we’ve had some challenges and trials along the way. We’ve mellowed some and become wiser too, thankfully.

In all three, love, honor and cherish, we’ve had to give and sacrifice and learn that life with a spouse is all about how we can complete the other one’s life, dreams, hopes, to be there to cheer on, pick up and pray for going out and coming home.

Thank you Babe for being so gentle and loving, for all your hard work and thank you for striving to be the man God has made you, can’t wait for what the next 19 have for us! Thank you Lord for giving me the man you know who is the best for me.



3 thoughts on “19 years ago…..

  1. Happy Happy Anniversary♡♡♥♥♡♡♥♥…You all are such an inspirational & loving couple. …God has blessed you!!!!!!

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