Colorado Fall

Good Morning,

It’s Fall in Colorado, we received snow last night and our aspens haven’t even changed fully yet. Ski resorts are opening this weekend and Winter is fast approaching. We decorated our house with leaves, pumpkins, scarecrows, and finds from our trip to The Kansas Barn Sale….which was so fun and very fall.

We’ve been getting back on track with school, studying Early American history with Colonial Times, The early Colonists(aka-Pilgrims) which is perfect for Fall! We went to our friends house for a barnside movie/ bonfire-s’more eating and chilli under the stars……so fun!

And of course, we’ve taken some fun fall pictures


This was actually a full double rainbow and it was so bright we could see all the colors and it was over the prairie’s bright grass….soooo lucky to have been given this gift, Thank You Lord.

We school at home, so there’s really never official school days and hours, of course we generally do our studies Mon.-Fri. And during the day, we’re pretty flexible with our schedule. We do weekend school like our recent trip to Prairie Grove, Arkansas to visit the Civil War Battlefield. We do night school when we’re baking a pie and figuring out recipes and portions and nutritional information. This book by the way gave us the best gluten free apple pie ever.


The author, Shauna Ahern has learned that baking by weight produces better results. Gluten free flours all weigh differently so it’s a little different to throw them all together and expect great results. Soooo we trusted and bought a scale and oh my goodness, the best pie we’ve had since we’ve gone gf. The crust was light, crisp and so tasty, I did use butter but I really want to try it with my dairy free butter now.
I’m so thankful for brave hardworking souls who go before me to bake endless pie crusts, biscuits, cookies, cakes and share their recipes and in this book, she also shares tips and tricks which is really helpful in gf baking. I took a break from scratch baking because I was so frusterated and everything kept failing due to the difference of no gluten and that we live at 6500 feet above sea level. However, scale in hand and some new recipes and confidence, I’m ready!
I would LOVE to hear from gluten free bakers out there that have used this weighing method or maybe have a great recipe to share, please! How about a gf biscuit recipe! My daughter loves biscuits and gravy!


One thought on “Colorado Fall

  1. Oh, I hope you get to enjoy a little fall before winter sets in! I love the first pic! You are all so cute in your scarves! 😉 What a beautiful pic of the double rainbow. Such a once in a lifetime moment! (or maybe even never!) Wow! I want to pass along the cookbook info to some of my gf friends. I had not heard of the weight method, but it really makes sense! And I love the chili and stars idea. Perfect fall!

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