Why Do You Homeschool?

If you homeschool, you probably get asked: Why do you homeschool? At first I really didn’t know how to share why we chose to school at home. I wasn’t in it long enough to know exactly why, we just knew The Lord wanted us to take this path and so we did. Years later, after life has happened and we’ve weathered through some things, we know why…..
-We get to teach what God says is important and redirect our paths to honor Him.(2Peter 1:5-11)
-We are able to emphasize our character education on a more intimate basis.( Proverbs 22:6)
-We are able to walk along side our children and guide them between right and wrong.
(Colossians 4:8)
-We are able to handle food and health issues with more ease.(Ephesians 6:10)
-Our children are able to flourish in the things they are passionate about and dig deeper in subjects that maybe one day God will use in a mighty way in their lives.(2Corinthians 3:2-5)
-We are able to weather through things as a family with lots more practice time.
(Deuteronomy 11:18-22) (Galatians 5:22-26)

These are just a few important reasons we have decided to homeschool and let me tell you sometimes it’s hard to get out of book knowledge and balance it with life knowledge and what truly is important to teach and not teach.

We’ve just had a few weeks where we have had to dig deep with God and our “schooling” has had to take a back seat. We didn’t really plan that and it’s been really hard for me especially because I know the time we need to get through our curriculum and the time it takes to finish the work but there were days we just couldn’t focus on the Indians of the Southeast Woodlands, we needed to get through a showing or a setback.

We put our house on the market for one “ideal” property we thought God was calling us to, it was on acreage, something we have been wanting and praying for for years. We jumped in with everything and after weeks of hard work, red flags started happening and we ended up deceived by the sellers and our “ideal” home with lots of dreams and ideas and hopes was sold from under our toes! Wow!

It has been a couple of weeks of soul cleansing that I haven’t experienced in a loooong time. Question after question, faith like never before has been called to the forefront of my soul and tiny little brain. Forget the Indians, forget spelling, does 4 X 4 really matter?, at these times, no but what really matters is that you know God is your rock where you can stand on firm foundations of love, protection, he will never leave me, He has the best for me, He sent his son for me to be forgiven and redeemed. So, we have had many lessons on prayer, on what it looks like when our wishes are not fulfilled, having joy when it’s not “joyful”, lessons on reaching out to others when we want to do it ourselves, lessons on dying to ourselves, looking to God when we want to look to others or manipulate it ourselves. Have we hit the books, some but we sure have hit the ultimate book, The Word of God.

When I first started homeschooling, I went to a support group meeting where they were talking about this very thing, know why you homeschool. Know why you teach the things you do. Know what school looks like and when to dig in and when to let go and to be aware of what God wants for you and your children instead of what the rest of the world says is important. If you haven’t really thought about this, I encourage you to start thinking about and praying about the reasons God has called you to school at home, it’s so important when life throws a curveball, you will know where to stand, we’re so glad God has gone before us and He’s going before us even today.
God, you are Good, thank you for refining us and thank you for causing all things to work together for our good, we love you and we know we are called to Your purpose.



One thought on “Why Do You Homeschool?

  1. Oh, I have been out of blog-land for a bit, and I missed this! 😦 Still heart broken. I LOVE all that you’ve said, and I give a hearty “AMEN!” My husband has to remind me sometimes, “THIS is why we homeschool! THIS is what they would miss somewhere else.” Thank you for sharing. Love, love! What a light you are my sweet friend. 🙂

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