Hello September

Wow! It’s September and its going to be a great month. The long summer days are winding down, the garden is producing but our flowers are getting tired! Our leaves are starting to turn and the morning sun is a little late! Ok so I’m warning you now, this post is a little long but grab some coffee or ice tea, I just had to share!
School…..yes we’re starting back up this week and we’re somewhat ready, American History is on the platter with some language, Bible- we are working through Girls after God’s own heart by Elizabeth George and were adding Polished Cornerstones which you can find here. Doorposts has lots of great parenting tools even if you don’t homeschool, I’ve used several of their charts and resources when the girls were little. Science(swimming creatures from Apologia) and math of course-oops need to order those books still!
We are really excited about our History curriculum-Notgrass which you can look at here. It is sooo rich with information, pictures, family activities, maps, timelines and fun things to do as you study your way through our great country. Sooooo excited, stay tuned, is anyone else doing American History, we could link up!?

We have some great historical fiction in the works and hopefully some fun field trips to be had. I love planning but I also love to let it happen too, that way it leaves room for the unexpected and for God to work too! You know He likes to throw in unexpected things (like house for sale) from time to time:)

I also wanted to share what God has been doing, ok so you know we’re looking to move-details are being worked out as of right now, you know offers, selling house-hello some showings and offers would really help. But….what I didn’t expect was the cleaning out of my soul, yikes I’ve had a pretty rough go of it. I was talking to a friend yesterday saying you know I do Bible studies and go to church, devotionals, pray, but this trust thing and faith thing is R.E.A.L.L.Y. Hard sometimes and yikes this is where my relationship with Jesus is what it is really all about, this is where my faith is my walking every moment God’s way and not my way. I know things in my head like God is good, He is faithful, He loves me and wants the best for me but I’ve been so emotionally full I haven’t always been able to feel those things and guess what MR. FEAR had set in. Feelings are feelings come and go and I had to get a grip and remember God’s will is the best for me and I went to scripture to remind myself of the truth So, to cinch it all up, our pastor’s message was on trusting The Lord-(Prov3:5) and then I went to do my Bible study in Isaiah and guess what this week is on? You got it, Trust and Peace, do they go together? Who do you trust? What do you trust? And what brings true peace! I’m telling you my life is not just physically cleaning and maybe moving but God is moving big time in my soul! Pure joy! I’m telling you, thank you God for your never ending love, your best for my life and for your word:)
Hello September, You are going to be Gooood!

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