A New Adventure

We were going to have a slow restful August and then one Thursday morning we found a farm/ranch house on 60 acres for sale with big beautiful trees and lots of dreams bursting at the seams.
After hours and hours of painting, praying, cleaning, trusting, packing up extras, praying more, organizing and staging, our house is on the market. Wow! You forget the work and emotional stress of selling your home. We love our home, we’re just all ready to move onto some acreage and try some animals and a bigger garden and room to shoot and archery and we have lots more ideas to dream about.

This came at a point when we were trying to figure it all out and The Lord was just waiting for US to stop and turn it over to Him.

The girls were having fun one morning waiting for mom to get the to do list organized:)

This is my reminder daily……trust, faith, hope and be still…ohhh so hard when our timing seems like it’s over God’s timing…ouch!

Thank you Lord for your everlasting love and Holiness and you are sooo much bigger than my life, my house for sale, my wants, and thank you mostly for your arms wrapped around me and your beautiful sovereignty over my life!


2 thoughts on “A New Adventure

  1. Ohhhh… we visited some friends yesterday who totally shifted gears moved onto a beautiful farm… big beautiful trees and dreams come TRUE. I am so excited for you, and I need these same reminders. He IS so much bigger than my life and my wants. I need that app! You are such an encouragement and light! 🙂 And LOOOOOVVVVEEE the socks!

  2. Oh my gosh ….what a character this one is!!!!! Encouraged……by her big sis, I am sure!!!!!!
    I am dreaming and praying for you!!

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