Cups of kindness

Oh my gosh, so last week I was having a crazy week full of roller coaster emotions and Friday, the mail arrived with a box full of goodness. These 3 cute, fun, paisley -filled, colorful coffee cups arrived sent with a sweet note of kindness. What makes this so fun is this is an awesome homeschool farmgirl blogging friend who I know we are going to be fast great friends by the awesomeness of God! Can’t wait to meet you some day and you can check out her awesome and fun family here
My heart is truly smiling and really it’s made me realize the importance of taking the time to notice small details and then acting! I have great intentions a lot and I start to do something but don’t always finalize my plan and follow through! Thank You, your kindness was perfect timing!


4 thoughts on “Cups of kindness

  1. You are so sweet, friend! YOU have blessed ME! I can’t believe the timing was perfect! I purchased them months ago, and I am the one who took too long to follow through! I am glad God’s timing was just right! Lots of love- Ssw

  2. I know you girls are going to become best friends….in Gods’ time!! He is waiting for just the right moment to bring your families together, and what fun you will have! For now, however, you will be happy to have your cup of tea this winter, and share special moments on your blog with each other! Good friends are a BLESSING!!

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