Hang on Summer

I feel like our summer is just starting and everyone is shopping for school supplies and heading back to school! We have had a crazy couple of months with planned weeks, days, trips and we just said goodbye to family this morning. We canned pickles, dilly beans, jams, salsa and veggies! We talked, laughed a lot and we are able to savor some great grandad, uncle and grandma memories!
I feel like the lazy days of summer are about to hit and aghhhh…..I am feeling a peace and longing.

Here we are summer, warm mornings, breezes through the pines and rustling aspen leaves, coffee outside on the deck, barbecues, skirts and flip flops, art all day long, fun reading and projects that take days, bike rides and evening walks, some camping weekends, kayaking, corn on the cob….please summer stay a few more weeks, the garden has some gifts to give, the flowers are in full color and I need some more warmth in my bones.


We are looking forward to a relaxed, unscheduled, artful, creative August.

Happy Monday, “My cup overflows with your blessings”-Psalm 23:5


2 thoughts on “Hang on Summer

  1. Sounds so fun! Wish I could come hang out! 🙂 I just read a post this morning from a mom who saw school supplies put out before July 4th and said she just saw Halloween candy out yesterday!!! What a rush. Happy August!

  2. Costco is getting their Christmas toys out!!!!
    I KNOW how much you love your WARM summer days…..better take advantage of all the remaining ones, my dear!!!
    Mother knows best!

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