Hometown Fire

Our hearts are so heavy as I am home visiting family and its our community being put into the terrible spotlight of the tragic fire that took the lives of 19 firefighters. We do know someone who lost a cousin in the fire and its so incredibly sad for our entire community.

We went to a Jason Gray concert where we sang about living like there is no tomorrow and loving like we’re on borrowed time and these words are a great reminder to us all that life is precious. Love those around you like never before, kiss your little ones, embrace your husbands, forgive, reach out, slow down and be purposeful. Just like when we were experiencing the Colorado fires, it puts it all into perspective. You look at each day with different meaning and I have been able to reach out to God in a new and more steadfast way.

Our family is faithful in God’s plan and his sovereignty and we are praying for the families of the 19 precious firefighters and for our hometown, Prescott, AZ.Help Here


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