Sweet Moments

I just thought I would share the week we are having and thank you for letting me share moments in our lives that God is truly blessing.
My oldest is going to dance camp this week and all day learning new kinds of dances like ballet, Israeli, worship, and special classes like acting, conditioning and today they are making bags with school supplies for refugees. They spend each day worshipping, in devotions and of course dancing but what is so sweet is she is forming her own walk with The Lord. I’ve missed her terribly because if you homeschool or are around your children ALL the time, they are just another body part of yours ha ha! I am so happy for her and see her growing spiritually and as a young lady, I really love that she is having this opportunity!
My youngest daughter decided to spend the week with Mom and we planned out several fun days together and what an awesome blessing The Lord has given me. We went to the zoo on Monday and I think she picked this activity because of the snacks…she is secretly like that…dip-n-dots!
Tues. we spent the day at a scrap booking store working on her baby book…soooo fun to look back and drink in the tiny smiles and cute faces and fun toddler times. She told me at lunch…mom, I’m soo happy spending these days with you just the two of us, I love being with you, sooo sweet, yes I soaked that one up!
So, for the rest of the week it’s more dancing, water park today, tea time, worshipping The Lord in the little sweet moments and thanking God he gave me my two precious daughters to raise up to be young women of God.




One thought on “Sweet Moments

  1. My sweet sweet granddaughters! Shine, Jesus, Shine truly reflected in these 2.
    Love you both, Amaw

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