Roll With It

Ok so you know those moments when you were expecting something and something different turned out? Well that’s been our last week…. We were off to a trip to Moab, something we have been planning for, for a while.
Lots of preparing…cooking gluten free goodies and making sure to have the right snacks, lots of water….clothes for riding the razor(4 seat atv) and clothes for afterwards, you are usually covered in red sand at the end of the day. We left Thurs. in a snow storm over the passes…

Then on Friday got half way to Moab and my husband realized his phone was back at the hotel, turned around to retrieve the phone and back to Moab. We were running behind schedule so grabbed a quick lunch at McDonalds and headed out to ride.
Late afternoon, my husband started feeling sick and yes food poisoning came with a vengeance. We were staying in a cabin luckily with a bathroom but oh my gosh, poor thing was SICK.
Not what we planned, so the girls and I carried on with plan B and C. Ate lunch in town with a trip to their favorite rock shop, not that we have any other but they love this place…rocks of all kinds, fossils, petrified wood and dinosaur bones and rocks that shine and glitter and some that you can see through. We spent the afternoon napping and taking care of Dad and then we took off to Canyonlands National Park

We saw amazing rock formations and canyons and arches-the wild flowers in bloom and had a bitter sweet time, loving what we were seeing, wishing Daddy was with us and wanting to be doing what we really set out to do which was to explore new trails on our razor, barbecue and enjoy this beautiful place as a family.
We headed back home a day early on Sunday and I had a melt down of being frusterated with what happened and not feeling like I could roll with it better. We have expectations and prepare for something but I ultimately want to be able to deal with what happens and what God is doing with me in that moment. I don’t want to be so busy in my moments to miss God’s.


2 thoughts on “Roll With It

  1. Oh no! 😦 So sorry. I want to be able to ‘roll with it’ better, too! Hope you get another opportunity for some family fun! Love both of your pics! HOpe Dad is feeling lots better!

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