Spring Craziness!

Yeah! It’s getting warm here in the Rockies, the grass is getting green, our tulips are coming up and we’ve been planting some cool weather veggies in the garden! I had a nice Mothers’s Day, hope you had a great one too….we did a Pinterest project…..

The deer kept eating our bushes and it was getting pretty expensive so we just made a walk and took care of that problem. It was hard work but creative and my husband is so handy and went right along with it:)

It’s the end of the school year a few more weeks and we have a full summer already starting to take shape but right now we are…..

Schooling outside and sailing back in time with Christopher Columbus and Magellan and Ponce De Leon. We’re studying the missions especially in California wish we could take a field trip!

We’re reading about great people who have gone before us and done amazing things for our faith and these people have done great things for humanity. These are great books for all ages with a verse and questions to go with each person. I highly recommend!

We’re sewing linen ruffle pants because we saw them, loved them, and knew we could make them and not pay crazy prices in the catalogue!

And….we’re making a graduation canvas with this verse on it for a fun, sweet girl who is graduating and we’ve known her for a very long time and the fact that she is graduating makes me feel old….I had a birthday this week which yes confirmed I’m a year older but I’m loving my forties so far….I’ve become so much more calm, confident and free.
Have a great weekend everyone and get ready summer, it’s going to be a great one!


2 thoughts on “Spring Craziness!

  1. I love your path!!!! I might have to do something like that at our house. It looks very clean and fresh.

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