Etsy Grand Opening!

Yeahhhhh….. We finally got it up and open…Prairie Paisley Art our new Etsy shop! I will admit to the world I’m not tech savvy. I can use the computer and get around but my brain doesn’t work well with all the other technical stuff like linking your etsy shop to your blog but I have a fabulous patient husband who perseveres! Check it out, let us know what you think and if we can create something for you or you love something there, let us know and we’ll be happy to help!

Ok so that is definately good news and quite frankly a relief for all of us! I also want to share some other thoughts that Jesus has been working on in our hearts…..we were listening to KLove driving in the car to church and someone was talking about what God was doing in their lives and she said
– It is not what God is asking me to do, It’s who God is asking me to be.
Wow! I loved that and we talked about that for a few moments, then went into church and guess what the pastor was talking about…..The Me I Can Be! Aghhhhh this was my neon light God was flashing to me like I wrote about last week. The basis was we know who we are, what we do- some of us are wives, some husbands, moms, dads, workers, students and so on but God doesn’t just see us here, He sees our potential..not just what can we do, but who can we be?

How can we deepen our relationship with Jesus?

How might we develop our character? Huge one here with so much craziness in the world!

We need to be actively engaged with our walk with Christ – for some, it’s to take the first step to Jesus, for some its daily time in a devotion or prayer, maybe some it’s missionary work overseas or working with troubled youth.
Whatever God is asking you to become, I hope it’s with the trust that whatever he has you doing or becoming it will be for Him and truly remarkable. In Phillipians 1:6 it says, For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.

I have been set free of so much this past year as I’ve held tight to the hand of Jesus, studied His word with some amazing studies, prayed and am holding tight to the promises He has given me through Jesus, Thank You Lord for loving me in my complete broken and messy life, thank you! This all brings me around to why I have this blog, why I have my etsy shop….all for God, all because He began a good work in me to reach my full potential someday and He loves me to pieces to go out there, be vulnerable, create art to say something positive and beautiful and to know I always have a safe lap to crawl up on and call Daddy!

Have a Great Day and let us create something beautiful for you or a loved one!



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