Happy May Day!

Seriously Where did April go?
Our seeds are planted in the house, we got a late start this year so hopefully well have a warm late summer! It’s May 1st and I’m not going to even tell you what it is doing outside but hint, it’s white and falls from the sky…….arghhhh OK so we need the moisture, last year Colorado was on fire for most of the summer which was awful.

We’ve been creating more canvases for our Grand Opening of our Etsy shop coming soon! yeah so excited but we’ve also been working in our SMASH books with our memory verses and our devotions..doing fun art and pictures. Sooo why do I bring this up because I have so many people tell me they are not creative and these fun books completely do the work for you. You buy the book and they have gobs of add ons you buy to add to the stuff you are putting in it. The pen that comes with the book is so great too because on the other end it’s a glue stick….how brilliant! You pick out the pictures you are wanting to remember and glue them in, add some cute journal cards with your story, slap on a couple decorations that you picked out, slap on some fun washi tape and ta-da…you have just been super creative with not a ton of agonizing effort. The best thing is your children can do it too, boys and girls. They have several theme books to chose from as well. We found ours at Target on sale but Michaels carries them too and use a coupon and it would be under 10.00. Anyway, take a peek, dive in and have fun, they make great gifts maybe Mothers Day, graduation, a fun summer project…

Have a fabulous May Day, get out, dig in the dirt, plant some flowers or a box of veggies or a patio full…fresh lettuce and tomatoes,YUM!


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