Aghhh… Mady is a teenager!

I’ve now entered the phase of life that involves teenagers and I can’t believe time has flown by! 13 years ago today our Madyson came into this world so healthy and strong and we’ve enjoyed her sooo much! She is our learning sponge, our organized and tidy child. She truly has a vintage soul and very creative. She has taken off with the mixed media canvases and has such an eye for color and brilliant ideas. I love that she is so eager to learn, she loves to read and has picked up croqueting, sewing, writing, she’s my logical child and she’s my memory, I love it! She tries anything and God has blessed me in more ways everyday by her sweet spirit.

We had a great weekend with an at home spa night Friday night and Grandma from AZ flew in to surprise her…(I would love to show you pictures of green masks and toes soaking but…..)
Saturday a friend came to join us at our “art retreat”

We are so blessed and thankful God has given her to us to love and nurture to teach and train up, to guide and walk along side this beautiful, gentle, kind and sweet girl….We love you Mady to pieces and we promise to love and guard your heart for your prince someday!

Happy Birthday sweet girl and yes mommy is still going to put you in a box:) Keep you forever!


2 thoughts on “Aghhh… Mady is a teenager!

  1. Happy Happy Birthday, Mady!!!! We hope your day is fabulous 🙂 🙂 😉 😉 Enjoy your teenage years!!!! PS…don’t give your mom and dad too many gray hairs 🙂

    Cy, Jean, and Ben

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