Yummy gluten free!

We have some great recommendations for the GF people out there! Because we are home for 3 meals a day most days and lots of snacks in between, food is somewhat a pain trying to avoid gluten, dairy and fructose. King Arthur has come through for us in a HUGE way!

They have the best pancake mix, one meal is half the box but they are sooooo yummy, you don’t even know you’re not eating wheat based pancakes…..seriously SO happy! We have tried many brands and many flour mixes and couldn’t ever get it just right until now. Yeah! And we’re even at altitude so that’s a bonus!
Ok so more good news, they also have a yellow cake mix that is soooo tasty and MOIST, sooo if you are gluten free,you know that is a celebration because baked gluten free goods don’t always mean moist……here’s our creation…..HUGE success and no one at Easter dinner even knew it was gluten free…..

Even if you aren’t gluten free, you most likely know someone this would help or maybe you could get a mix yourself and bake some scrumptious cupcakes for a discouraged mom or a gf child you might know or your kids know, we have 5 gf little girls in Camdyn’s dance class that will get to eat cupcakes, thanks to good ole King Arthur’s. This is where we see God’s hope and his crazy plan working in our life and Camdyn can see her situation playing out blessing others:) Now we can say we can’t wait to try some more mixes….coupons please:)


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