10 years ago today……

It was definitely not an April Fool’s at 4:30 in the morning, our Miss Camdyn decided she would introduce herself with a quick entry into this world.
We held the 7lb tiny baby girl with such joy and loved her cute self soooo much….now 10 years later, we hold her still with such love and joy!
She’s our sweet Springness, she’s our loving and gentle spirit that just loooooves to play and she’s the movie girl!

She loves all things little maybe because she is little….she’s been battling food issues her entire life, endless tests and diet changes. She has recently been down to Children’s for blood tests, bone density tests and looking for inflammation to see exactly what is going on, at one point everything pointed to Crohns and she’s already tested positive for Fructose malabsorption. So the waiting continues but can I just say…..this child is so positive and joyful and when she faces these crazy challenges, she’s gracious and holds onto Mommys hand tight and we walk forward together.

I thank God for her everyday and love her to the tippy top she’s my sweet sweetness!

Happy Birthday to our beautiful 10 year old baby girl-Camdyn-xoxoxoxo



2 thoughts on “10 years ago today……

  1. Feliciadades!!!! Ahh, TOO CUTE! Happy Happiest BDays Camdyn! Much love from Diego, Nico, and Erica xoxox

  2. Happy Happy Birthday, Camdyn!!! We hope it was FANTABULOUS!!!! We have something for you from the princesses 🙂

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