Some Thoughts!

It’s Good Friday and we’ve had some great moments reflecting on this week thousands of years ago and this is what we’ve been talking and pondering about:

Sin-what do we struggle with that God died on the cross for….selfishness, being unkind, laziness…

God’s love for us- yes Jesus being nailed on a cross sooooo sad but so full of love, we asked the question what would we do for someone we loved, really?

We did a “garden walk” and we took a quiet moment to pray for our families and friends who we love and for all those people who don’t know God’s love. And then we had fun adventure with an Easter Scavenger Hunt.


Yes, it’s Easter and we still have snow!
We went to a passion play last night and the girls have really never seen A drama with Jesus on a cross, bloodied and beaten and it was Huge! When you really think about what He did, it’s ginormous and then if you’ve seen The Passion movie, you know, you feel and all I say is I’m soooo sorry for my selfishness, my not being patient, my intolerance of dumb little things but then I say Thank You for your lavish love, your forgiveness and your freedom, thank you!
We go into this weekend with such hope and joy that it didn’t end on the cross, He is alive and able!



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