We need to be reminded daily…..Phillipians 4:8



3 thoughts on “We need to be reminded daily…..Phillipians 4:8

    • Hi there, I am in the process of an etsy shop. We have been selling our canvases by word of mouth and shows and yes this canvas is for sale along with many others I’m going to get posted.
      I just checked in with you and looooove the Noah’s Ark activity, we have done that too and I was so excited like you said. Sometimes I think as adults we can appreciate and love these activities way more:)
      I also am in loooove with your farm, I want to know more, can we join you!!!!!

    • I will keep checking back! I love your work! It is so FUNky! 🙂 I would love to have a piece, and I think it would be good gifts for those I love!
      We live on a farm in Arkansas where my husband grows cotton, corn, soybeans, and wheat… no animals as of now. My children really want chickens and a goat. We live in a great location about 10 miles from a fairly big city with grocery stores, etc. and about 20 miles from a really big city with great places to eat and shop! It’s a perfect spot!

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