God has us all in His hands…..

I’m feeling overwhelmed….it started Monday with a bunch of legislation at our state capitol. Gun bans, civil unions, parental rights, illegal immigration and it all seems to go against our families morales and values aghhhhh remind me what country we live in! Remember all the brave people who have died in our history defending the teachings of the Bible?
We are walking through the Reformation time period and I don’t think I was taught any of this and it is so fascinating and hopeful but it gives us a challenge that we too have to step up to the plate and carry on the torch, it cannot be dropped or everyone in our past is forgotten. If you are reading the Bible today, thank one of the great guys William Tyndale who translated it into English and then he was BURNED to death at the stake for translating the Bible into a language the people could read. This is crazy, now there are people all over the world translating the Bible into dialects of tribes yes God is alive and working.
So through all this worldy stuff I drudge through I need to remember to keep my eyes looking up and to know that God goes before me and He stands behind.
Meanwhile, we have doctor appointments at Children’s Hospital, laundry, meals to create with no dairy, gluten or fructose ( fresh ideas would be welcome), worship dance, school-studying Scotland right now, art to create, books to read, rooms to clean-we’re purging and lots of other everydayness.
Happy Wednesday everyone!


4 thoughts on “God has us all in His hands…..

  1. Wow! You are so creative!!! I may be a LITTLE prejudiced, since I am your mother…..but this is amazing! Your artwork is so beautiful , and you have passed on your creativity to the girls..WOW!!! I don’t think you got too much of that creativeness from me…probably from Nana.
    Keep up this wonderful blog, as I know there will be many women who will read it and feel just like you do.
    Love you lots,

    • Thanks Mom, you are creative and you passed on the energy and desires to put our creativity to good use. You are the encourager of the family and we all need a cheerleader in this crazy life!xoxoxoxo

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