Love is….

Love is starting a blog to put yourself out there as a child of God and knowing that you are exactly who He created and to walk alongside many others in the thick and thin of life. I created this online spot to keep myself accountable to having purpose, to live more radically and to trust.
Love is about receiving grace and giving grace. I write my posts clenching on to the hand of Jesus knowing that some may like what I wrote and others may not but I want to shine and bring glory to my King, my creator, ultimately My Abba Father. I create art for worship and because I know that someone, somewhere out there is searching and I have found such freedom in being messy!
Love is cuddles in the morning with my husband when the sun is rising and the house is still asleep, my children cuddled in my lap, my oldest daughter and I sharing thoughts about what our day will look like and how we have to spend time in the art room. Love is homeschooling and all the phonetic spelled love notes I receive….love is having a mom who you are deep friends with, having a crazy sister who makes you smile a lot and a sister who is so compassionate she makes you look ruthless. Love is my savior who died for my broken beautiful life.
Thanks for stopping by and I do hope you join me on my online journey and to bring richness to my days and to help me love with purpose.


4 thoughts on “Love is….

    • Thank you for your kind words! I love your creative homeschooling, looks like lots of crazy fun and we do unit studies so we’ll have to keep up with you for some great ideas:)

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