Bon appetit

We are gluten and dairy free, not by choice for the most part but because of some health issues. It is hard at times and then throw in fructose malabsorption for our youngest and I am in tears a lot. I do however; have some success recipes for those who are interested…..

The French bread mix by Deby’s gluten free is awesome. I actually was able to knead it and roll it and it smelled so great baking in the oven and we’re studying France and the Renaissance so it was a perfect addition to our dinner. Deby’s business is located here in Colorado and is found at

The other recipe we made was for almond flour pumpkin bread and that recipe was from It turned out so moist and yummy and not too sweet. It does call for honey which could be a problem for fructose malabsorption but it seems ok for us right now. In other recipes that call for honey, I have made a sugar syrup to substitute and have used coconut sugar and it’s worked as well.

It’s always soooo  encouraging when you can have some successes when you are dealing with food allergies/adversions. 

I would love great recipes and successes from those out there with gluten intolerances and fructose malabsorption kiddos! Maybe we can join forces and eat with a purpose-have some fun with it.

We’re staying warm, homeschooling by the fire and watching it snow!


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