Ready, Set, Go…


Welcome to my online journey as a wife, homeschool mom, daughter, sister, grandaughter, artist and a crazy woman trying to live in grace and love that Jesus is pouring out into my wandering soul. Through all these privileges God has given me and roles in this life, I am constantly reminding myself that each day He makes me new and for Him alone. Some days I do quite well with this and others it is not so pretty. I want to encourage and challenge each of you and myself included that we have a beautiful task in this life and we are all here to love and to be loved.

I have found art as a passion of my heart and soul and I feel so alive and free when I’m creating…painting, repurposing treasures, sometimes sewing and sometimes not! I love the paisley all different and funky designed, irregular lines and flowers…love it. I have fallen in love with mixed media using all textures, colors, randomness and quirky and mistakes are my freedom. I have found that creating has allowed me to have a voice and to worship the Lord and to be encouraged in my walk on this hard, crazy, fun, unpredictable, narrow path.

I hope in all the ins and outs of our life here, and on this journey through the challenges and joys, you will find something here that warms your heart.


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